Traditional scarves


Red infinity/mobius scarf

I’ve been weaving scarves for a long time, but for a long while only the mobius scarf that I sew together.

Oct 2008 my niece requested a traditional long scarf for her daughter (obviously my grandniece – but that word really makes me feel old!) so of course I obliged but grumbled to myself  “I don’t really like making long scarves and the small loom is a pain”.

Silk blend scarf

Can you guess what happened? I loved the whole process – and seriously started weaving the traditional scarves.  My customers approved and I’m making use of my 20″ Harrisville that I’d only been using for demos. I’ve been making silk/bamboo/rayon/cotton mixtures (7″ x 70″). My daughter asked for a super warm and wide scarf for Christmas ’09 so I used some of my new American grown alpaca and some wool and had fun making that.  I have plans for 100% American alpaca scarves in all natural colours – that will have to be this summer for the fall show season. More on those – later.

My supplies of rayon chenille yarn were seriously depleted – I use them for the weft on a cotton warp for the mobius scarves.  Got a new supply and had to try 100% rayon chenille on the traditional scarves – hadn’t done that before, never thought I wanted to (“every other weaver does it” – so of course I wouldn’t – dumb). Rayon chenille can be challenging (read that – pain in the …) but I solved a few problems and of course now I love making them.

group of rayon chenille scarves

So now the next step will be traditional shawls. I’ll keep you posted!


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