Get Going

I’ve been in a bit of a creative slump the last few days waiting for some navy 8/2 cotton to put on the 36” loom to fill a number of orders.  Actually the problem is too many choices. I could finish the last scarf on the small loom – but then I’d have to rewarp and I really want to put on a full width (22”) for shawls – but I haven’t designed that warp yet. I could finish the last couple pieces on the 50” loom and then – guess what – rewarp that baby (I think I know the colours for that).

With weaving, the end means a new beginning  – and I know few weavers that really love the warping process – it’s the weaving that’s the fun part. With three active looms in the studio I try not to have them empty at the same time.

In an effort to bypass making a decision – I figured a half hour on the treadmill might put me in the mood.  Grabbed a book from our collection and got started.  2mph and I can walk and read easily. Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck (you know, Of Mice and Men, The Grapes of Wrath)

He’s going to travel and rediscover America in a truck camper – it’s 1960. As with all great writers, it’s a great read. I usually devour a good book – read it as fast as I can so I can own it and make it a part of me. But reading while treadmilling has made me slow down (not the walking just the reading – I lose my place).  So at the end of a half hour I’m only up to page 32 and he’s just gotten started. Enough walking, it’s only one mile, but my knees complain if I do too much more. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s walk and his journey.

I’d like to say I made some great creative stride forward after that bit of metabolic boost, but the truth is I didn’t get back to the studio the rest of the day. I found out my navy cotton will be delayed another week, so I’ll put a light teal on and experiment. The orders will have to wait.

 It did make me think about creative starts.  There’s no surefire way to move forward. Sometimes you hurry, or push yourself, and sometimes you slow down and think about other journeys.


2 responses to “Get Going

  1. Your lesser schwester Adele

    Some might say you have been warped for a long time. But I digress. The creative process does need time and space and the absolute, unconditional no-stress absence of demands. That being said, it can also thrive on deadlines and pressure. How does one know which to call forth? That, my dear, is the million dollar question. I like to think of the self as a creative sponge, absorbing up all the good stuff of literature and music and friendship and when it can hold no more, it discharges a unique essense called art. On or off the treadmill, I like your essence!

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