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Time in, Time out

Home from the Sugarloaf show in Gaithersburg, MD. The Monday after a show always means planning too much to fit into the day. Would love to sleep in but have to/want to get my husband’s breakfast before work.  Then begin to design a new warp for some summer scarves – I know I can get a few finished before this weekend show in Timonium, MD. But before I can physically pull out 24 cones of yarn in varying shades, I remember I need to go out and pick salad greens before it gets too hot in the “greenhouse”.  Of course I walk through the garden and discover asparagus needs to be cut.  While I’m out there, why not dig some grass/weeds to give to the chickens – they deserve it. Back inside and the greens are in the fridge and it’s 10 o’clock.   Work on the loom, but time out to steam asparagus and make my lunch salad. yumm! By the end of the day I’ve actually woven half of a scarf, been into town (5 miles away) and back home (several times – had a meeting this evening). 

So when was I actually working? If I had to punch a time card shouldn’t I include the time while digging the weeds and I saw a beautiful combination of reds and golds and greens of the tulips and daffys and thought about what they would look like in a woven piece?  Or the textures of the mesclun greens as I was picking them, wondering what combination of yarn would look like that odd serrated kale, or the feathery chervil that seems to be taking over the bed?  Driving into town with the explosion of flowering trees – not so delicate pinks, feathery whites – where might that road lead me?

mesclun greens

So the day is over, I didn’t get that scarf finished that I started this afternoon.  What have I actually accomplished?  Time will tell.